Development of care model for women pregnancy with hypertensive disorders from hospital to home: Nong Ruea Hospital, Khon Kaen


  • Somchit Dechasathian


Development of the model, Hypertension in Pregnancy, Community network


             This research aims to develop a care model for gestational hypertension in pregnancy. The Deming model and System theory was applied in this study. The total sample was 90 people that were collected by the purposive sampling method. The sample groups were 30 pregnant women with gestational hypertension, 30 relative caregivers, 15 multidisciplinary teams, and 15 community networks. This study was conducted during the period from June to August 2023. The data was collected using a questionnaire about caring for pregnant people and a referral form. The content validity of the questionnaire was improved by experts using Cronbach's alpha coefficient for the reliability test, which was 0.92 and 0.88. The quantitative data analyzed using frequency distribution and percentage, and content analysis was used for qualitative data. 

          The results are following: 1) the situation and problem was ambiguous guidelines for caring for pregnant women, lacking of confidentiality in practitioner and referral information, and 2) The development process of caring for pregnant women with a gestational hypertension model was 2.1) team meeting for understanding, 2.2.) searching for a care model, 2.3) working team setting, 2.4) transfer information to community. The model was implemented and the results found that pregnant people who have hypertension were taken care of 100%, referred to community healthcare centers for 90%, and referred to provincial hospital for 10%. In addition, the model was effectively practical with 96.78% pregnant and relative caregivers (x̅=2.95, S.D.=0.71), a multidisciplinary team and community network (x̅=2.90, S.D.=1.85) was highly satisfying. The results of this study revealed that the pregnancy in the case of gestational hypertension was covered by using the developed model and increased the network connection between hospital and community. Therefore, it might be useful for increasing the efficiency of the healthcare system in other areas. 




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